Sunday, July 5, 2009

Expensive Tastes on a Budget

Sigh, don't we all wish we could afford anything and everything our hearts desired?

That pair of Jimmy Choos, this Prada bag, that Dior shades?

Here's inspiration to ya.

H0002: Juicy Couture inspired locket bracelet.
Locket opens and closes with a magnet, and take notice of the extra crown detailing on both sides of the toggle.
And no, no spelling mistakes here.
Length: 8"
Length of Juicy Heart: 2.5cm

H0003: Louis Vuitton inspired bracelet.
It's much shinier in real life and not as tarnished looking as in the photo.
Length: 6.5-8.5"
Length of Diamante line: 2"
Width of the entire dangly charms part: 1.7cm

H0009: A Strand of Pearls Diamonds.
Very, extremely wonderfully blingy.
Diameter: 5cm
Thickness: 0.4cm
Do not suggest getting it if you will stretch it out, for then the metal pieces inside will be seen, and it won't look as nice anymore.

Come back soon for more!
Lubdub, Flie.

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