Monday, June 29, 2009

Crowning Glory

For all the Princesses out there, we, the SS Sisters, bring your Highness(es)...

...a pair of earrings,...

...a bracelet,...

...a necklace... well as rings...

to match your crown. *Bows*

E0001: Crown Earrings (Studs)
Length: 2.5cm

H0001: Crown Bangle
Circumference: 7"

N0007: Crown Necklace
Length of crown: 3.5cm
Max idth of crown: 2.5cm
Length of chain: 26.5"

Buy E0001, H0001 and N0007 together for RM45 with Pos Ekspres!

R0001: Crown Ring
Available colours: Gold and Silver
Inner diameter: 1.5cm (Silver is adjustable)
Height: 0.5cm
RM10 each

More items coming really really soon!
Lubdub, Flie

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