Saturday, May 16, 2009

Grey Casual tank top

After all the hot action, flaunting your bikini, don't you just want to just stay cool and chill out?
A long casual tank top will work just fine.

Love the good quality soft cotton. The button area is lined with satin, giving it a pricier feel.

Stretched cotton. Soft and stretchable. Suitable for S to M sizes.

Ribbed cotton. The material is stretchy and hugs more to the body. More suitable for XS to S sizes.

Selling price: RM20
T0001 (Ribbed)
Length: 27"
Bust: 15"
Bottom Width: 17"
Button length: 5"

Length: 27"
Bust: 11"
Bottom Width: 14"
Button length: 5"

The SS Sisters, Mouzzie.

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