Saturday, May 16, 2009


This is something that hardly needs introduction.

Wearing something backless and don't want to poke anyone's eye out? Freebra is the bra for you.

RM23 a pair with cup sizes from A, B, C and D available.

We will place orders only when we reach a minimum of 3 pairs per cup, and full payment has to be made before we will place your order.
If your size is unavailable or the minimum order quantity (MOQ) can not be reached, we will provide full refunds.

The SS Sisters, Flie and Mouzzie.

Update on 2nd July 2009: We have two pairs on hand now (Size B) selling for RM18 a pair, so for the first two to order, there's no waiting time! Weee!

Update (Jan 18th 2010): One pair sold!
Update (Feb 26 2011): Sold out! Future purchases will need to meet the MOQ first ya :)

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