Sunday, May 10, 2009

Change in T&C

After these first few days, we sisters realized that using the first come first served method isn't that foolproof. =S

We understand that it's frustrating for those who don't go online that often to have to keep on changing their order because their earlier items have been sold.

So, we are going to shift from the first come first served method to reservations method. In other words, starting for items from our next update, we will reserve the items for three days for the first person who places an order. If 72 hours passed without payment, we will contact the next person in line.

We will change the status on the blog right after replying your email, so more often than not it will be the current status. =)

For those who have ordered with us but have yet to make payment, please note that it is still under the first come first served method.

Thanks everyone, and sorry for the headaches!

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