Saturday, May 16, 2009

Beach minis

Never liked staying on the same beach for too long? Read on ;)

Beach minis are nice to have when you need to be on the move. Beach hopping!.

Easy to put on when you need to move away from the beach to another hot summer location (or maybe to lunch/dinner or the beach club when the sun goes down?).

No hassle in changing clothes and no worries about baring too much skin.

The bust area is knitted with a stretch cotton lining. The dress area is made from washed stretch cotton and can be a little thin (white) under strong light. (Which is a plus point because you still want to show off what you have under that mini!)

Selling price: RM28 RM23

D0012: Pink
D0013: Purple
D0014: White
D0015: Light Grey
D0016: Dark Grey

Length: 29"
Empire line: 12.5"
Waist: 13"
Bottom Width: 19"

The SS Sisters, Mouzzie.

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