Saturday, May 16, 2009

Beach hoodie

Are hoodies only for the streets? No way!

When I was traveling in Bali, I came across many retails shops that are selling white/off white cotton/linen clothes. Inspired with the summer beach collection, I came home hunting for white beach wear.

That's when I saw these hoodies! I knew I had to get them!

The hoodie goes will when worn with bikinis or tank tops. Put on a pair of short if you do not want to run a round with your bikini bottom.

The fabric used is a high quality rich soft cotton. Quality assured for this hoodie!

Selling price: RM38

T0005(Size S)
T0006(Size M)
T0007(Size L)

Size S
Sleeve: 31"
Length (excluding hoodie): 22"
Width: 16"
Neck (measured diagonally): 8"

Size M
Sleeve: 32"
Length (excluding hoodie): 25"
Width: 17"
Neck (measured diagonally): 8"

Size L
Sleeve: 32"
Length (excluding hoodie): 25"
Width: 19"
Neck (measured diagonally): 9"

The SS Sister, Mouzzie.

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