Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bumbum huggers

Child at heart or sexy mama, we have something for you.

Priced at RM5 each, or RM8 for two
RM4 each and free postage via Pos Ekspres if you buy 5 pieces or more .

For the child in you,
Aren't they the most adorable things?


Lacey too, a nice mix of femininity and kiddy-ness.

Best fits S to L.

Width: 10.5"
Length: 7"
Thighs: 5"


U0001 (Watermelon)
U0002 (Watermelon)
U0003 (Strawberry)
U0004 (Strawberry)
U0005 (Strawberry)
U0006 (Pineapple)
U0007 (Pineapple)
U0008 (Pineapple)
U0009 (Banana)
U0010 (Banana)
U0011 (Banana)
U0012 (Banana)

For your everyday use,
Looks like it's a bunch of plain ol' undies.

But they're not! They're designed for airflow, so there's total confort.

Best fits XS to M.

Width: 9.5"
Length: 5"
Thighs: 5.5"

U0013 (Black)
U0014 (Black)
U0015 (Black)
U0016 (Black)
U0017 (Black)
U0018 (Red)
U0019 (Pink)
U0020 (Dark Pink)
U0021 (Dark Pink)U0022 (Blue)
U0023 (Blue)
U0024 (White)

For when you're wearing that slinky dress,
T-shirt bra Seamless panties.

Best fits XS to L.

Width: 10.5"
Length: 6"
Thighs: 7.5"

U0025 (Red)
U00276 (Green)
U0027 (White)
U0028 (Blue)
U0029 (Maroon)
U0030 (Maroon)
U0031 (Purple)
U0032 (Purple)
U0033 (Black)
U0034 (Black)
U0035 (Black)
U0036 (Black)

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